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Connie Kwok, B.A.

Director and Head of Asia Pacific – Canada Immigration and Visa Services Inc

Ms. Kwok serves as the Director and Head of the Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) division at Canada Immigration and Visa Services.

If you are interested in immigrating to Canada, please either contact us or message Connie Kwok on WhatsApp: +1 (403) 401-8423

A native Hongkonger, Ms. Kwok has worked in the financial services industry for more than a decade including position with Hong Kong Citibank, HSBC and ANZ. Ms. Kwok is dedicated to customer service and finding client solutions. Ms. Kwok can advise on resettlement solutions for families including school choice, residential accommodations and other pre/post-landing services for our valued clients.

Ms. Kwok is fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.

Connie can be contacted through WhatsApp at: +1 (403) 401-8423

Extended Bio

Connie Kwok is a third-generation Hongkonger.

She loves Hong Kong and made the difficult decision to permanently move away so that her family could continue to enjoy freedom, happiness and opportunity.

Connie obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration in Hong Kong and obtained two decades of work experience in customer service and the financial industry. In March 2019, Connie, along with her husband Marcus and their two boys, resettled in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Connie chose Calgary because it is one of the greatest and most welcoming places in the world. The sun is always shining in Calgary and it is, in fact, the sunniest city in Canada. Calgary is the fourth largest metropolitan area in Canada by the population that offers the amenities of a big city without many of the challenges associated with larger cities. In Calgary, it was also easy for Marcus to find a job with a major financial institution when they resettled. Their two boys are now currently enrolled in quality, free public education. They were able to purchase 2 new vehicles and find a large, lovely, comfortable home with a backyard.

Connie’s family has made lots of new friends in Canada and although Connie misses Hong Kong very much, she is happy to help others with a smooth transition in calling Canada their new home. Connie is now working with and assisting other families from Hong Kong to find a new home in Canada.

In the words of Connie, here is her experience upon landing in Calgary, Alberta.

“The biggest difference you will notice when you land in Canada is how friendly and welcoming the people are. The general population is very kind and helpful and want to support newcomers in the ways that they can. When you leave the airport, you immediately notice how fresh the air is. Air pollution and smog are almost non-existent in Canada because of the vast open spaces and outdoor, green areas and green spaces.

Canadians have a strong tradition and protection for freedom of speech and expression. Everyone here can be who they want, and there is a great level of diversity in opinions. Since the country is very large, and the infrastructure is well designed, Calgary, especially, is very affordable and livable. It is possible to own a home with a large amount of land for almost anybody.

If you are interested in immigrating to Canada, please either contact us or message Connie Kwok on WhatsApp: +1 (403) 401-8423

Calgary is especially nice because it is located in the province of Alberta. Alberta has some of the best schoolings in the country, a fantastic healthcare system, and also has the lowest taxes of any province in Canada. There is also no foreign investment tax in the province of Alberta. The close proximity to the pacific coast city, Vancouver, and the United States also make Calgary a very convenient place to live.”