Privacy Policy

Protection of the privacy of our clients is a crucial aspect of our Business at GEVE INDIA Our Privacy policy mentioned in the GEVE INDIA site, gives a proper understanding to anyone who enters our site on how the personal information is collected, used and disseminated by the organization. Collection of Personal Information At,GEVE INDIA the personal information is collected from our clients through the websites and applications. The information is either submitted by users himself on the websites or by furnishing it while filling an application. The information collected is inclusive of names, e-mail addresses, demographic information related to sex, educational qualification, date of birth, preferences and many other information that may be collected from time to time. Cookies

 Cookies are files which are used to store the personal preferences of the users who visit the website. This information is used by the website to monitor the traffic. Disabling the cookies on your browser may cause some information to be inaccessible. There may be instances where some pages of the website may not function properly. Usage clauses pertaining to personal information The personal information collected by GEVE INDIA through its website is used to expand client’s overall experience and harmonize with the services we provide. The same information also ends up going a long way towards. Upholding the client confidentiality GEVE INDIA is devoted to use the latest and the most advanced security measures to safeguard a client’s personal information from being misused, prohibit unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, and obliteration. But in no scenario we would be wholly responsible for any intrusion or dissemination of your personal information as no security system can guarantee 100% safety of the data. As a part of the same privacy policy, GEVE INDIA gives its clients an option to opt out of receiving any promotional emails from us. To stop the mailing activity you need to send us a request through mail at In a case you want to stop information sharing or any marketing activity done by the third party, you need to send us a mail Changes to the Privacy Clause Any changes to your personal information on our website should be made at the earliest. Other than this, we are authorized to change all or any part of our privacy policy at any point of time as we deem fit. Any changes made will be duly notified through updates, which can be viewed on the last updated tab. Further, if there are any drastic changes to the policy, GEVE INDIA will end up notifying its clients directly. Questions about the Privacy Policy In case if you have any unresolved queries with regards to GEVE INDIA privacy policy, please get in touch with the company at

Ensuring the confidentiality and security of our clients’ privacy is a fundamental priority in the operations of GEVE INDIA. Our Privacy Policy, as articulated on the GEVE INDIA website, provides comprehensive insights for all visitors regarding the collection, utilization, and distribution of personal information by our organization.

Collection of Personal Information

At GEVE INDIA, we gather personal information from our clients through our websites and applications. Users may submit information themselves while navigating the websites or by providing details when completing an application. This information encompasses names, email addresses, demographic details such as gender, educational qualifications, date of birth, preferences, and other relevant data that may be periodically acquired.


Cookies, employed to store users’ personal preferences, enhance the website experience. This information aids in monitoring traffic, and disabling cookies may limit access to certain information or impede the proper functioning of specific web pages.

Usage Clauses Pertaining to Personal Information

Personal information collected by GEVE INDIA through its website contributes to enhancing the overall client experience and aligning with the services we offer. It serves the dual purpose of upholding client confidentiality.

Upholding Client Confidentiality

GEVE INDIA employs cutting-edge security measures to safeguard client information against misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or deletion. However, it is important to note that no security system can guarantee 100% data safety, and GEVE INDIA cannot assume complete responsibility for any intrusion or dissemination of personal information.

As part of our commitment to privacy, GEVE INDIA provides clients the option to opt out of receiving promotional emails by sending a request to To cease information sharing or marketing activities by third parties, clients can email us at

Changes to the Privacy Clause

Clients are encouraged to promptly update any changes to their personal information on our website. GEVE INDIA reserves the right to modify its privacy policy as needed. Any alterations will be duly communicated through updates, accessible on the “last updated” tab. Significant policy changes will be directly communicated to clients.

Questions about the Privacy Policy

For unresolved queries regarding GEVE INDIA’s privacy policy, please contact the company at We value your concerns and are committed to addressing any issues promptly.