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The Self-employed Persons Program allows people to move to Canada for a long time by becoming self-employed.

In order to be interested, you should:

  • Have relevant experience in activities related to culture or athletics, and
  • be able and willing to contribute in a significant way to the sporting or cultural life of Canada

This is an possibility for entrepreneurs who aren’t looking to put the majority of their personal money into another company or government entity to make themselves known to their peers in Canada.

Federal Self Employed Program

Based on a points-based grading method to evaluate the qualifications of business immigration applicants The Federal Self-Employed Persons Program also demands that applicants have two years of working experience in their area to demonstrate their ability to earn a living as a self-employed person anywhere in the Canadian province, with the exception of Quebec.

Quebec Self Employed Program

A little like its counterpart in the federal government, the Quebec Self-Employed Program requires applicants to show their capacity to work as a self-employed professional in their field. The program also requires an upper limit on net worth of $100,000 and, as is the case with all provincial programs for immigration, it requires applicants must have the intention to live in Quebec.

State Nominee programs for Self Employed Workers

If an applicant wants to relocate to a specific province, they could opt to apply for self-employed stream within the provincial Nominee Program. Every province and territory has their own qualifications along with selection guidelines, but there are a number of possible overlaps in eligibility requirements that are found in other business streams for immigration, like years of experience or the proof of funds from personal sources. For more information to learn more, contact our agent

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