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Due to changes in legislation that were made to the Citizen Act that came into the law in 2017 The process for applying for Canadian citizenship has become an easier, faster process than it was in the past.

Like those who apply for permanent residency applicants who wish to become a Canadian citizen first need to begin by making an application at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria are then required to take and pass the test for citizenship. IRCC will provide applicants who are citizens with a study manual to assist them in achieving a passing score on the 30-minute test. Anyone under 18 are not required to sit for the examination.

To be allowed access into the examination room citizens are required to provide themselves with all pertinent (original) documents that pertain to their residency in Canada such as identity documents for immigration, a photo and passport. Photoscopies of documents will not be accepted. Anyone who wants to apply for Canadian citizenship also need to meet the minimum requirements so that they can be eligible and the majority of them provide:

  • The transcript of or the diploma of postsecondary education that is in English as well as French;
  • Results of a language test from an agency that has been approved to test or
  • Achievement of that Canadian level Benchmark at 4 or more.

Certain applicants could be asked to participate in an interview with an immigration judge. Citizenship applicants who meet all eligibility requirements and successfully pass all tests (and interviews, if needed) must take part in a ceremony of citizenship at which they are awarded their certificates of Canadian citizenship and be officially recognized as Canadian citizens.

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