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The immigration process accounts for only a third of the total transition time. A lot of planning goes into relocating to a new location for the purposes of employment and residence. The remaining 30% of your successful transition to life in Canada will be handled by our comprehensive and individual settlement services. We can imagine how lonely and helpless you would feel in a strange land without a solid network of friends and family to rely on. Our high-quality post arrival services are designed to ensure a smooth and quick transition to your new home abroad.We provide every important service after your arrival in the Land of the Maple Leaf, from airport pickup to assisting you in finding a comfortable and affordable place to stay. In Canada,  ensures that you are never alone.

Landing and Settlement Services Package

  1. Pre-landing Orientation and Airport pick up assistance (personal pick up at Calgary International Airport or arrangement for car service on arrival);
  2. Assistance with Social Insurance Number application
  3. Assistance with Healthcare Services application
  4. Assistance with Government ID application
  5. Assistance with driver’s license application at licensing branch
  6. Assistance with car, home and vehicle insurance application
  7. Assistance with application for accommodation
  8. Assistance with appointments for banking and credit with financial institution(s)
  9. Assistance with school registration for minor children (referral to school placement authority [school board])
  10. Referral to professional tax advisor
  11. Referral to professional real estate agent
  12. Referral to professional mobile phone services provider
  13. Referral to high-speed internet home/office service provider
  14. Use of head office boardroom and internet services for initial landing week (up to 7 days)
  15. Travel, grocery and meal delivery guide via email
  16. Guidance and assistance for your PR card
  17. Guide and directions to Holy place of worship

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