Super Visitors Visa

Super Visitors Visas

Super visas are multiple entry visa that is designed for grandparents and parents who are Canadian citizen and permanent resident. The visa permits holders to remain in Canada for two years or more at a stretch without having to renew their visa.

The super visa permits parents and grandparents who are eligible to remain temporarily in Canada. To remain permanently parents and grandparents must be sponsored to stay permanently by their Canadian child or grandchild.

Super Visa vs Visitor Visa

Super visas are a form of Canadian visitor visas that is only accessible to grandparents and parents and grandparents of Canadian citizen or permanent resident. The primary difference between a super Visa and one that is a visitor visa is in the duration of time that you are permitted to remain in Canada. In general, a visitor’s visa is valid for between 6 and 12 months. To extend the duration of your time in Canada you will need to apply for an extension of your visa. With a super visa you might be able remain for a period of time in Canada at least two years without the need the application for an extension.

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